Education, Outreach, and Workforce Development REEG Initiatives 

Through Research and Education Exploratory Grants (REEGs), CR2C2 supports several initiatives with the focus on Equity for transportation as detailed below.

Project R-EQ-1. Equity 360 Continuous Improvement Framework for Transportation Research: This project develops an optimal and safe route for freight transportation in rural areas. Transportation of goods in remote regions often faces challenges such as inadequate road infrastructure, limited access to real-time information, and potential safety hazards

Project R1-5. The Equity and Affordability of Automated Vehicle Passenger Services in Rural and Under-Served Communities: This project to assess the expected equity and affordability of automated vehicle (AV) passenger services, such as Waymo and Cruise, in rural and underserved communities by 1) Estimating and maping the ride-hailing demand for Census tracts in the Southeast, inclusive of both driven and driverless vehicles, and 2) estimating how that demand changes in response to a change in the price.