Certificate Programs

CR2C2 supports new and existing transportation-related certificate programs by providing new learning modules and program content as well as helping with recruiting efforts. 

Autonomy certificate: The Graduate Certificate Program in Autonomy at NCAT is a multidisciplinary program designed engineering graduate students to gain Autonomy-related knowledge and skills in order to meet the diverse requirements of Autonomy-related positions. The certificate has a track dedicated to Smart Transportation and Autonomous Vehicles. This certificate requires four 3-credit courses and a 0-credit seminar course. 

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Supply Chain Management certificate: The Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management at NCAT provides professionals with the state-of-the-art knowledge necessary to design, manage, analyze, and update entire supply chain systems or various components within them. Graduates will be prepared to accept responsibility in supply chain management, purchasing, transportation or traffic management, warehousing, inventory management, and global supply chain management.  The certificate is designed for professionals in transportation, logistics, manufacturing, insurance, food processing, hospitality, retailing, and government regulatory and transportation agencies. 

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