Partnerships Across Sectors

CR2C2  explores opportunities to expand and leverage partnerships between CR2C2 members and public and private sector stakeholders within the region and across four functional sectors:

  Government (local, state, tribal, federal authorities and agencies, etc.);

  Industry (consulting, manufacturing, workforce, economic development, etc.);

  Research (external universities, national labs, etc.); and

  Community (non-profits, advocacy groups, individuals, etc.).

CR2C2 utilizes LTAP networks within the consortium to expand partnerships with stakeholders who are engaged in CR2C2 research activities and have access to resources within the Center. These partnerships will be leveraged to identify new opportunities for collaboration, provide technical assistance to stakeholders, and receive feedback on Center projects. The stakeholder will also assist the CR2C2 team utilizing the developed tools by the Center, developing pilot programs to adopt the developed solution by the Center.

Contact Dr. Steven Jones, the CR2C2 TTC Director, if you are interested in becoming a CR2C2 stakeholder to support Center activities  and have access to the Center  resources. 

Government Stakeholders 

Industry Stakeholders 

Community  Stakeholders 

Research Stakeholders 

Partnering LTAP Networks