Project R2-4

Project R2-4: Enhancing Automated Vehicle Operation and Safety on Rural Roads and Underserved Areas: Challenges and Innovative Solutions  

Exhibit D - Research Project Requirement: PDF Link

Principal Investigator: Subhadeep Chakraborty  (University of Tennessee, Knoxville )

Other Investigators: Asad Khattak  (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) 

Project Partners: University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK)

Is any participating institution a Minority Institution? No

Research Project Funding: $150,000 (Federal: $75,000; Non-Federal: $75,000) 

Project Status: Active

Project Start and End Date: 01/15/2024 to 1/14/2025 

Project Summary: The potential of CAVs to revolutionize transportation is undeniable. However, unlocking this potential requires addressing the unique challenges rural roads pose. Rigorous testing and innovative solutions are key to enhancing CAV safety in these challenging environments. The proposed project will provide safe mobility and accessibility to underserved and minority populations in rural road areas. Given the operational challenges of CAVs in such settings, the project will 1) develop a conceptual framework by synthesizing the literature on CAV algorithms, 2) develop a CAV testing plan in rural settings utilizing a unique CAV-in-the-loop simulation setup, 3) engage in software development for simulation using CARLA and OpenPilot software, and 4) analyze the results and provide innovative solutions to address challenges, such as adverse weather conditions, complex terrain, hazard classification, and limited sensor range, to improve CAV performance on rural roads.