Project 1-2

Project 1-2: Rural Healthcare and Transportation Deployment Planning  

Exhibit D - Research Project Requirement: PDF Link

Principal Investigator: Andrew Martin (University of Kentucky) 

Other Investigators: Steven Jones (UA), Evangelos Kaisar (FAU), Laquanda Leaven (NCAT), Jun Liu (UA)

Project Partners: Florida Atlantic University (FAU), North Carolina State A&T University (NCAT), University of Alabama (UA), University of Kentucky (UKY) 

Is any participating institution a Minority Institution? Yes — North Carolina State A&T University and Florida Atlantic University 

Research Project Funding: Year 1: $346,908 (Federal: $193,599; Non-Federal: $153,309) 

Project Status: Active

Project Start and End Date: 08/01/2023 to 07/31/2025

Project Summary: This project seeks to improve the delivery of rural transportation programs and technologies by creating a research team and oversight committee to analyze current and emerging technologies and programs; identify service gaps in rural areas, health professional shortage areas (HPSAs), and other disadvantaged populations in the Southeastern US; model infrastructure needs; model the improved cost savings and health outcomes that accompany improved access to transportation services; and develop a rural transportation healthcare technologies and services deployment plan.