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Aggie Auto Shuttle Project Celebrates Success in Closing Event

 On October 13th at the Greensboro History Museum, the first pilot program for the Aggie Auto Shuttle project bid farewell to its successful journey - for now. Reflecting on the achievements and advancements made possible by the team, the event marked a significant milestone in the Aggie Auto Shuttle project's journey.

During the ceremony, certificates of appreciation were presented to key collaborators who played pivotal roles in the development and deployment of the Aggie Auto Shuttle. The recognized organizations include the City of Greensboro GDOT, Downtown Greensboro, the Director of Communications + Communications team, Parking Services, the College of Engineering, and the ACCESS LAB Team.

Highlighting the unwavering commitment demonstrated on a daily basis to sustain the project various awards were presented. These awards covered diverse categories such as Communications and Media Coverage, Graphic Design, Communication Architecture of AVs, Software Development for Live Tracking of AVs, Hardware and Software Integration of AVs, and Program Management of the Aggie Auto Project.