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CR2C2 Supported Saunder's Science Scholars Program   

CR2C2 supported the Saunders Science Scholars Program.  Saunders Science Scholars Program was modeled after Morehead’s family science enrichment program, which encourages young people and their families to get more involved with science. The program is part of outreach initiatives that address gaps in STEM education across North Carolina, specifically in rural communities such as Gates County.  

One June 23, 2023, 40 high school students and teachers from Eastern North Carolina  toured the CR2C2 facility located at Martin Complex at NCA&T State University. The advisors and students were also [resented with ongoing research projects at CR2C2 and its associated laboratories. They also learned how students and researchers work towards common goals following the scientific method. Our visitors were able to see demo footage from previous AV and UAV developments as well as get a first-hand look at some of the equipment including our in-house developed autonomous vehicles and drones.