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UNC Chapel Hill Students visited Aggie Auto effort as a part of PLAN 637: Public Transit course

On Friday, Oct 6th, as part of the PLAN 637: Public Transit course, Dr. Matthew Palm organized a trip for 23 UNC Chapel Hill Students to visit Greensboro, NC to survey whether riders were more interested in coverage vs ridership as a part of the Greensboro Transit Authority’s GOBORO: 2045 Long Range Transit Plan. The objective was to implement what the students have learned in class in a real-world experience and communicate with riders! The students learned about public engagement and the progress #Greensboro transit program. 

As a part of this trip, students also had the chance to visit the Aggie Autonomous Shuttles developed by CR2C2 researchers to ride with #AggieAuto between North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and downtown Greensboro and explore where the future of AV’s go! During this visit, the students had the opportunity to have a conversation with CR2C2 researchers about the technical challenges, logistics, and public engagement efforts associated with the deployment of Aggie Autonomous Shuttles.